YouTube for tvOS has been updated with navigation and scrubbing improvements

The controversial YouTube app for tvOS has been updated with some remarkable performance improvements of today. This update has greatly improved the navigation of the entire application, including interface adjustment and scrolling improvements.

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In today's update, it is much easier and smoother to scroll through the entire YouTube app on tvOS. In the past, scrolling was similar to D-PAD scrolling, but you can easily scroll through various lines and tiles like other tvOS applications.

Other improvements of this application include few changes to the interface to the homepage, there is easy and accurate scrubbing by animation.

Originally, the YouTube app for Apple TV was updated in February with a new cross-platform design. Unfortunately, the interface was not tailored to Apple TV, instead YouTube focused on having a unified interface between the various platforms. This means that the interface is not optimized for the capacity of Siri Remote or other unique Apple TV.

The YouTube app for tvOS has been regularly criticized since its update. Today's release does not solve all of the problems of the app, but it is progressing in the right direction.

To check your latest status, please visit Apple TV's App Store and search the YouTube application. If there are available updates, the update options are displayed.

Are there other changes to the entire YouTube app on Apple TV? Please tell us in the comments!

Thank you, Orfair!

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