You can now run Windows 95 as an application on Mac

Please load Windows 95 on your Mac and go down the memory lane. Play classical Solitaire And Minesweeping boatIn the late 1990s, nearly 70% of computer owners enjoyed the experiences they enjoyed.

Thanks to the new application developed by slack developer Felix Rieseberg, it has become easier than ever.

Windows 95 is available anything recently. iPhone, iPad, Android Wear, and even Apple Watch. Well enough, you will probably find the Windows 95 port of your smart refrigerator.

However, it takes little time to revisit Windows 95 on Mac, Windows, or Linux.

Windows 95 returns as an application

Rieseberg put together an application that makes it easy to enjoy Windows 95 and all of the software that comes with it on the desktop. It's free, weighing only 129 MB, and almost no system resources are needed to run smoothly.

With this application, you can play with the application such as WordPad or MS paint and play the game. Minesweeping boat. It comes with Internet Explorer, but it does not work on today's web site.

The only thing you need to reproduce the Windows 95 era is to download the source code and installer from GitHub. When the installation is completed, it behaves like any other application. You do not need to start another operating system and you do not need a virtual machine.

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