Work and Gates talk about "the future of PC"

August 26, 1991: In their first joint interview, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates announced "the future of PC" Divination magazine.

I look back over 10 years since the first IBM PC shipped. This work is watching how their future is. This is said to have been "thirtysomething now" in the former "mysterious boy of computing".

Steve Jobs

An interesting interview shows that technicians are at various stages of career. Gates is still several years away from the appearance of Windows 95 and it shows Microsoft's true superiority. However, he already had a great success.

Meanwhile, Jobs was rampant between NeXT and Pixar, two companies setting out a notable second act of his career.

The Divination The interview was done by Brent Schlender. Brent Schlender, Jobs's biography Become Steve Jobs. A serious mind conference came down at Jobs' new home in Palo Alto, California.

This was not an accident. As Schlender recalled his book, Jobs got "hard to get" for the interview. He insisted that it would be done at home lawn.

Unlike almost all job interviews, this one did not advertise his latest products. (At that time, Jobs was building a computer with NeXT).

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates shoot each other

Throughout the conversation, Jobs and Gates aimed each other, as imagined hard to imagine Tim Cook and the Larry Page today. Jobs called Microsoft a "small orifice." Gates answered, "It's a very big orifice!"

Gates accused Jobs of being jealous of Microsoft's popularity

Jobs concluded, "Windows has pioneered Apple and other people to bring a fantastic new technology to PC, but in the meantime – that is …

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