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With an IBM personal computer, Apple

August 12, 1981: The release of the IBM personal computer intensifies the competition of Apple vs. PC which has been running for many years.

Apple will welcome IBM's personal computing parties to ensure the technical superiority of Apple II compared to the new PC Wall Street Journal. Things will not stay positive for a long time.

Arrival of IBM Personal Computer

In the specification, the original IBM PC was relatively pathetic. At 1565 dollars, we got an entry level machine with 16 K memory and an interface for cassette tape players and monochrome monitors using regular TV screens.

Apple's advertisement welcomed IBM, but somewhat ridiculed.
Photo: Apple

64K memory, two 5.25-inch floppy disk drives, and a dedicated monochrome monitor.

The total of that model has risen to $ 3,390. This is nearly $ 9,000 today. In other words, a decent IBM PC price allows you to adjust your office with a new iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch.

IBM's Launch day press release cites the words of C. B. Rogers Jr., group executive officer of IBM's vice president and general business group.

"This is a computer only for offices, college campuses, or those who have wanted personal systems at home," says Rogers. "I believe that performance, reliability, ease of use will be the most advanced and affordable personal computer on the market.

Big Blue takes notes from Apple's Playbook to make it easier to access the computer to sell the PC (actually no one uses it, but it was called the IBM 5150) Emphasis was placed on that. A series of comedy advertisements that starred Charlie Chaplin's impersonators contrasted with International Business Machines' normal corporate marketing approach.

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