Why dump iPhone for Android

Most people will have root canals rather than switching from the iPhone to Android. I prefer switching to iOS much more than everyone is away, but fairly equally, the reverse is somewhat true.

According to a new survey, why people give up their own iPhone for something from Samsung, Lenovo, or similar Android OEM and vice versa.

Of 2,500 surveyed subjects, 18% were giving up Android for iOS. Just 11% advanced in a different direction PCMag. Everything else did not exchange telephone.

That's why Android users migrate to iOS because they've improved the user experience '. About half of respondents (47%) answered. I thought that only 30% of iPhone users had better experiences with Android.

Approximately one-third (29%) of people who switched from iPhone to device switched the device to the device using Google's operating system is said to be "better price".

This is generally the reason that people have given for years to change the mobile platform, iOS is easy to use, and Android devices are cheap. But it is interesting that it seems that Google's efforts to improve Android seems not to make a big success.

Other reasons for telephone exchange

Interestingly, nearly as many people as those who transferred from iPhone to Android, and those who changed other policies, cite "better functions (cameras, designs, etc.)" as reasons. This was a fairly strong incentive, but about 25% for both groups.

The higher the percentage of people, the better I chose Apple for "fast software updates", but still only 4% and 1%.

Generally equal to a small number between two camps, but for that reason cite "more apps" and "better customer service" …

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