What Apple May Be Up To With the New MacBook Air

MacBook Air turned out to be a strange but interesting product. I would like to increase the size of the latest report.

2017 MacBook Air

Firstly, there is a problem with the general timing of the new Mac. Originally Apple thought Apple announced a new MacBook Pro at WWDC 2018 in June. But there was probably a delay due to keyboard engineering fixes. So, those Macs were deployed without many early fanfare. Other Macs were not announced.

The 13-inch MBP starts at $ 2,399 and the 15-in starts at $ 2,799 and is not said to be a back-to-school Mac for average students. We now know that Apple is not more professional than professional. And these prices support the paper.

Meanwhile, Macbook Air is the best notebook for high school and university. MagSafe 2 and the USB-A port are attractive to students who are not concerned about the dongle. Prices are expensive from $ 999, but Apple is the cheapest notebook. My experience is that even if education discounts are given, the current MBA, Sands The display of the retina is hard to swallow for students who are conscious of the budget.

So what I've been waiting for is a new MacBook Air that combines economies of scale and sophistication of engineering to lower the price of hundreds of dollars.


Watch a MacBook Air report here

Just recently, I learned of this. "Apple is preparing the latest MacBook Air for launch in 2018.

In a new rumor, Apple 's rumored low – price notebook release plan may be further supported before the year goes on. Whether or not a Mac laptop replaces Apple's aging MacBook Air as a new member of Apple's MacBook Air or Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro is not clear, but according to a new report of DigiTimes …

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