WebKit exploit can crash Macs and iOS devices

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Security researchers have discovered a new Safari vulnerability that could crash Apple devices. This vulnerability exists in the WebKit engine used to render pages with Apple's web browser.

According to Sabri Haddouche, a researcher in Berlin who discovered the problem, crashing could be caused by linking someone to a page containing CSS code. This will ultimately cause a crash and increase the processing effect called a backdrop filter which needs to restart the device.

This requires a modified version of the vulnerability including Javascript, but the vulnerability seems to be a problem on macOS. In the macOS version, Safari will restart immediately after forcibly restarting. It can trigger a crash at the second (third, fourth …) time.

Apple is in this case

Fortunately, it sounds like Apple does. To talk with ZDNetHadouche said that Cupertino was informed about this flaw.

"I contacted you using the security product e-mail," says Haddouche. "They received the problem and confirmed that they were investigating it.

Apple devices have fewer security flaws than other devices, but researchers are still discovering stable vulnerabilities. Often, these problems indicate that the device may be overloaded and crash. In most cases security researchers will discover this vulnerability and inform Apple about the fix. In some cases, we may attempt to identify malfunctions and attempt malicious use.

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