iPhone 13 Details Leaked

BGR reports on IPhone 13 details leaked.

IPhone 13 details leaked

It is always fascinating to hear assumptions and leaks about future Apple iPhones. This is especially true as not everyone may be on an upgrade cycle targeting an iPhone 12 this year. Getting a glimpse of the iPhone 13 could help trigger or postpone this decision. BGR writes:

A Twitter user named Fudge who regularly publishes rumors about Apple shared the “alleged” camera plans for one of the prototypes of the iPhone 13.

IPhone cameras are a huge thing. ::cough::

Basically it’s a four the worthy lens with impressive specifications. Of course, the caveat is, “Fudge clarified that all of this information should be taken with enough salt because nothing is confirmed.”

As the article points out, this is only a prototype model. Still, fun things to think about while we plan.

Apple News Debris of the Week

• HBO Max is launched. But there is a wrinkle. “HBO ceases to participate in Apple TV channels, users directed to the HBO Max application.“By the way, you can already benefit from a free subscription. See this note on HBO Max Help Center.

• iMore investigation reports 10,000 users per Park Associates of market share for streaming television services. here is the tl; dr version.

  • Netflix – 56%
  • Amazon Prime Video – 43%
  • Hulu – 32%
  • Disney + 25%
  • Apple TV + – 10%
  • “CBS All Access, HBO Now, Showtime, ESPN + and Starz round out the top 10.” It will be very interesting to see how Peacock from NBCUniversal will fare in six and 12 months.

    The Apple Watch is doing well.

    • Meanwhile, the Apple Watch is doing well despite the COVID-19 pandemic. iMore reports (again): “Apple remains number one in the portable clothing market in the first quarter, shipping 21 million units.»Quoted by IDC:

    Apple was again the leading wearable company with a share of 29.3% and 21.2 million units. As Apple Watch shipments declined due to supply chain challenges, the strength of the Beats and Airpods[sic] the range was more than enough to compensate for the negative growth.

    • A new Apple TV 4K is imminent. Filipe Espósito at 9to5Mac fills us up. “Should you buy an Apple TV now or wait for a new model?”Notable:

    Based on a leak of the first iOS 14 version obtained by 9to5Mac, we know that Apple is working on a new version of the Apple TV remote control. The sleek, modern Siri Remote with touchscreen is seen as a drawback by some users, so Apple may be reconsidering its design.

    It makes perfect sense to include a redesigned remote control with a new Apple TV 4K with an A12X processor to entice users to upgrade. For those who think their current 2017 Apple TV 4K is pretty good, see: “Why Apple could release a new Apple TV 4K”.

    The evolution of robots is inevitable.

    • Before the pandemic, I wrote a lot here about commercial and family robots, which I consider an opportunity missed by Apple. Now it seems that the pandemic is strengthening the situation in many ways.

    For example, when you tell a robot to clean something thoroughly, you can be sure the job is done right. Without issue. No corner cut. For more, see: “In a world plagued by a pandemic, we need robots.” [Subscription may be required.]

    • Finally,

    Ahem. Replicator: tea, Earl Gray, decaffeinated.

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