Volta XL fast-charging USB-C cable brings MagSafe-like magnetic connector back to MacBook

Volta XL is a new fast-charging USB-C cable with a built-in magnetic connector, similar to the MagSafe connector that Apple removed at the transition to USB-C from the MacBooks to get power.

You can already reserve the Volta XL today for $ 35 (22% off retail prices).

All cables are not made equal when it comes to the loading speed. Many of the cheaper USB-C cables on the market will not give you "fast charging", and that means that cables like Volta XL can be up to 70% faster when charging your devices than with the competition.

But quickly put aside, the real eye-catching feature of the Volta XL is a built-in magnetic connector that brings the MagSafe-like functionality back to MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

As shown above, the magnetic connector makes both the connection and disconnection of your MacBook or MacBook Pro super easy while still staying securely connected during use.

The big advantage of this is of course protection against people or pets that stumble across your cable and drag your expensive laptop down.

Volta XL Colors

Even with its magnetic connector, it can still deliver up to 87W, making it enough to charge a MacBook Pro.

You will also find a smart LED indicator similar to the one on your MacBook itself to let you know your charging status. In addition, Volta XL has a lifetime warranty, which is not the case with many other cables on the market.

You can already reserve the Volta XL today for $ 35 (22% off retail prices).

Also check out the company's Volta Original cable, which is not equipped with fast-charging, but comes with interchangeable connections for various devices, including a Lightning connector for iPhones and iPads. The company plans to add Lightning connectors for the new Volta XL at some point in the future.

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