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Use Siri Shortcuts to quickly send photos to your family

How do you send a picture to several members of your family? Do you compose a group message by manually adding all their different addresses and phone numbers? Do you have multiple threads, each with a different group of family members?

Today, we will see a much easier way to send a photo to multiple recipients using the Siri shortcuts (or the Apple Workflow app). It's so simple that it should be integrated with the iPhone.

How to share a photo with multiple contacts

You will love this workflow / shortcut, which I have an adapter of Dr. Drang's excellent idea. You run it from the Photos application itself, which makes more sense, because it is there that you are most likely to post a photo when you decide on it. # 39; send. The shortcut includes the following steps:

  • It shows a list of family members / friends.
  • You tap the name of who you want to send the photo to.
  • The shortcut composes a message for these recipients and sends it.

That's all. Instead of having to manually add contacts to a new iMessage, you can simply store your family contacts in the workflow and choose from this list simply by pressing the names.

When you have chosen the recipients, a new message window appears, with the image already attached and the contact names already present in the To: field. All you have to do is type your message (or not) and press send. And if you use Siri shortcuts on iOS 12, instead of the old Workflow application, you can even choose to send the message automatically as soon as you select the recipients, without even displaying the message.

First, I'll show you the shortcut and the workflow, and then I'll tell you what I changed to simplify Dr. Drang's version.

Send a photo to a family with Workflow

This workflow allows you to quickly send an image to some of your closest contacts.
This workflow allows you to quickly send a …

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