Upgrade for 5G? More than a third of iPhone owners can do this.

Supply chain reports indicate that Apple is preparing for double-digit growth in iPhone sales next year, with signs suggesting that a high proportion of homeowners iPhone will move to 5G.

Apple analyst says Wall Street understates iPhone outlook for 2020 and beyond…


Wedbush bases its optimistic view on a combination of factors, starting with the first signals of the supply chain.

Looking ahead and following our recent Tech Asia trip, we believe the underlying iPhone demand remains well ahead of Street / Original expectations for FY20 with 185 million / 190 million 39 units keeping the line in the sand for Apple to reach positive trend ASPs.

We believe the iPhone 11 is just the front end of this current "supercycle" for Cupertino with a list of 5G smartphones slated for release in September that will open the doors to upgrades. of the iPhone around the world that the street continues to underestimate. There are at least five iPhone versions to be launched in 2020 with the main event launching 5G in September which could include a number of versions / models, although these final specifications will not be finalized by Apple probably before April with the supply chain. (and investors) are eagerly awaiting this flagship launch.

Importantly for the initial versions of 2020, our supplier checks indicate a double-digit increase in expectations for global units (10% + y / y), since the first views of the 5G phones that will be released next September seem to be very strong from suppliers.

There are currently around 900 million iPhone owners, and Wedbush estimates that more than a third of them are expected to switch to 5G next year.

At this point, we believe that 200 million units could be the starting point for demand for Apple 5G smartphones, as around 350 million iPhones in the 900 million Cupertino installed base are currently in the window of an upgrade opportunity.

Analysts say that even if they paint a rosier picture than the Wall Street consensus, Apple has also demonstrated an ability to exceed expectations.

A year ago, Cupertino faced major Herculean challenges regarding the slowdown in demand in China, the escalation of tariffs on the horizon, the increased competition on smartphones and the leak of Samsung and others in the 5G key race.

Investors threw in the towel on the name, many on the street thinking that Apple's growth was over and in the rear view mirror.

Challenging the skeptics, Cook at its best in our opinion led Apple to successfully overcome China's growth challenges, settle its longstanding lawsuit with Qualcomm (and acquire the modem business for smartphone from Intel to catalyze its 5G efforts), to develop and market its trifecta of the iPhone 11, which was a major success for consumers, and especially to play a game of poker with the black cloud of China that worked like Picasso for Apple.

This follows an even more optimistic suggestion that Apple expects 100 million orders for the …

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