Unique Apple-1 computer sells big gold

August 25, 2016: One rare Apple Apple computer has raised $ 815,000 in a charity auction. Actually the bid amount reaches 1.2 million dollars at the end of the auction. However, the bid will be withdrawn in a few seconds before the winner is announced.

Why the ultra-high price? This "celebration party" Apple-1 boasts functions which did not appear in the computer production model.

Apple-1: Apple's first computer

Apple-1 was Apple's first computer. It began in July 1976. Apple's co-founder, Steve Wozniak, started working as a hobby with Apple-1 and did not aim to show it to people at the local homebrew computer club where he attended.

"I used this computer to show the Homebrew people with a few chips that it is possible to make a very affordable computer (an actual computer that can be programmed with Altair's price) "Wozniak is an autobiography, iWoz: computer geek and cult icon.

Steve Jobs persuaded Woz that it should build and sell Apple-1 instead of transferring the design. After that, Jobs approached Paul Terrell, the owner of a nearby Byte Shop, one of the first personal computer shops. Jobs bought Terrell for 50 Apple-1 computers for $ 500 each. Terrell then set the computer at $ 666.66, or today equivalent to $ 2,800.

Celebration & # 39; Apple-1 is worth celebrating

After all, they produced only 175 Apple-1 computers. There are only about 60.

The celebration's Apple-1 featured a blank "green" PCB board that was not sold publicly and was not part of the production. This makes the model very valuable.

Auction computers also come with unique accessories …

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