Twitter on Deprecating APIs: Our Apps are Better

Twitter shuts down things called "outdated development tools" used by third-party client application makers, raising and killing important functions that they provided. Reason why social networks are currently providing: Your own apps and websites will provide a better experience.

The Twitter API shuts down third party applications

Twitter says its application and web interface are better than third party client applications

Rob Johnson, senior director of data enterprise solutions Rob Johnson Blog post,

We feel that the best Twitter experience we can offer today is being done via desktop and mobile as well as owned and operated Twitter for iOS and Android applications . We have believed this for a long time. We have focused on providing best experiences for applications and sites for years.

Twitter warned developers while this change occurred. Now, third party client applications like Tweetbot and Twitterific lost real-time stream updates, most push notifications, statistics and activity data. In the case of a direct message on the left and a push notification as an mention, there is a delay of several minutes.

"Our goal is to provide the best Twitter for you.This year we are moving faster towards this goal by focusing on improving Twitter for iOS, Android, "Johnson says. "As a part of this, we ceased supporting some other experiences.We dropped support for Apple Watch for Twitter and Twitter for Mac.The previous Twitter application for Windows Replaced with Progressive Web App.

In other words, Twitter thinks that it provides the best user experience and interface on all platforms except Mac. Developers can not develop full-featured applications.

[[[[Twitter killed the main function of third party client application]

Resources for maintaining the API for developers are not cheap, but it is …

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