Trump's iPad shows that the president is obviously a fan of Apple

Probably the president. Trumps are more familiar with technology than many people expect. He spits his tweets from his cell phone. Today, he learned to use a tablet.

Specifically, he learned to use the iPad. It goes with a pair of iPhones that he carries around. Obviously, the President is a fan of Apple.

The Word of Trump tablet came from ABC White House correspondent Tara Palmeri. In response to arguing that the cards never used the computer, Said Palmerie "Sometimes cards read things on the iPad and call it" flat one "

The tablet's description of Apple is accurate even a bit different. This is only speculation, but if the President tries to pass a laptop computer to someone in search of a computer, it seems to be said that "Please tell me a flat one".

The iPad in playing cards for the elderly is typical

Mr. Donald Trump is 72 years old, he is only one of many elderly people using Apple's tablet. They are less heavier than notebook computers, they are generally easier to use and have larger texts.

And it is obvious that the president will have no problems using the iPhone. His many tweets come from his iOS handset. The commander actually has at least two iPhones, one for Twitter and the other for voice calls only.

No one has ever found a card in AirPod. And probably the White House needs two home pods.

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