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Today in Apple hi: Macs get that iSyncing feeling

September 30, 2002: Apple announced iSync. This is a tool for Mac users to synchronize the address book and calendar with Bluetooth, cell phone, iPod, Palm OS compatible handheld organizer.

This shows a big leap in the ability of computers and mobile devices to talk to each other. And it suggests some of the advances after Apple.

iSync: The beginning of big things

Steve Jobs said in a press release fifteen years ago "iSync is the beginning of a really big one, iSync can synchronize the Mac's address book and calendar with the mobile's address book just by pressing a button.

This is a story about arriving "Mac to mobile" when introducing Paris technology.

Today, iSync is a kind of forgotten application. The audience's idea praising the ability to call contacts from your Mac using your mobile phone is as retro as the earlier Sony Ericsson mobile phone used in the Jobs demo.

In fact, iSync was an ingenious tool. By using the open SyncML standard, we were able to talk easily with Apple's new iPod or third-party equipment for the first time.

Certainly, in other proprietary applications, you can synchronize specific devices to your computer. But iSync's wireless approach has become available to everyone.

In a nutshell, it made a painless synchronization. This is what Apple is trying to make perfect today using services and features such as iCloud, iTunes backup, Handoff etc.

Predict the future of Apple

Apple did not actually develop iSync. However, iSync is perfectly compatible with Apple's "digital hub" strategy.

In the video hearing above, we talk about the importance of mobile phones, PDAs and Macs.If one device can talk to other devices, their life transformation functions will allow Apple to connect to iPhone, iPad, Mac It has not been ten years.

Jobs said, "You want to see your cell phone as a peripheral on your Mac.

As today's iPhone sales volume far exceeds the sales of today's Macs, Apple is unlikely to use this word today. Still, the urge for these devices to talk to each other certainly seems like money. Jobs has been frustrated early on the keyboard of the small mobile phone expressed in his story.

And, for a moment, is there a little nostalgic thing in the eye of Apple 's old brush metal icon?

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