Today in Apple hi: Logic Pro 7 shows Apple’s still serious about creatives

September 29, 2004: Apple makes Pro-grade music production software and Logic Pro 7, audio production software, debut. This update provides a new tool along with other Apple software and a streamlined interface.

Logic Express 7 was released from the success of iPod and iTunes Music Store. Logic Express 7, its abolished brother, reminds us of the dominance of Apple's music technology for consumers and professionals.

"From beginners to professionals, Apple is expanding the market with a complete line of music production and production tools," said Rob Schoeben, Apple's vice president of application marketing, "With Logic Pro 7, Professional music production with professional features has been raised to the next level.

The software included various tools for creating new music and mixing existing tracks. Apple Loops, a model-based synthesizer called Sculpture, and a powerful drum machine called UltraBeat have appeared. Guitar Pro plugin is also included.

Cupertino designers have fixed the Logic Pro 7 interface to resemble Apple products. There was a good reason for this. Logic Pro, the company behind Emagic had been developing MIDI sequencer software since the early 1990s. Apple bought this business in 2002 and decided to combine Emagic's software with other products.

Logic Pro 7: Audio tools for creatives

Logic Pro 7 used the music creation tool on Mac for the first time. I was a fan of Apple. But at this time, my musicians' friends (I was at liberal arts college – it is not for me!) Thought about hopping on the Apple platform for the first time. Successful products such as iBook and iMac G3 invited them to Apple.

And, like the luxury goods in the neighborhood, the product attracting artists showed the Mac cool to others as well.

Watching Apple's power users

Logic Pro 7 also proves an important meaning from showing that Apple was still concerned about professional customers. Many of Steve Jobs' early innovations as Apple CEOs were to make devices that are accessible to average users. Sometimes this meant to offend the prospect of a large expenditure that helped to keep Apple on the darkest days of the 1990s.

Tools such as "Logic Pro 7", "Final Cut Pro HD", "Motion", "DVD Studio Pro", and "Shake" have found that they did not lose sight of these users.

What was the first creative software I used on my Mac? Do you think that Apple is still doing its best to support creatives? Please leave the following comments.

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