Today in Apple hi: Google comes out of beta

September 21, 1999: A small startup called Google came out of the beta, and a website was launched that allowed general people to easily search information on the Internet.

For Apple that uses the Internet with the twin iMac G3 and iBook products, Google seems to be a perfect ally. Unfortunately, that relationship has not been rosy for a long time.

Apple and Google: friends, enemies

About twenty years after publication, Google regulates Internet search and service. As products like smartphones and speakers increase, perhaps Cupertino's C – Suite will not shake. However, Google's popular mobile operating system, Android, is a legitimate challenge for Apple's iOS.

The competition between Android and iOS has caused prominent legal conflicts over the years, but the relationship between Apple and Google is complex. Initially, the creation of Google, based on the hyperlink quote from "hyperlink" created based on the dream of former Apple workers and HyperCard creators Bill Atkinson hyperlink Algorithm, PageRank.

Google's website changed surprisingly over the years.
Photos: Google

More importantly, Steve Jobs acted as two young founder of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin 's leader. In fact, when Duo was asked to choose the first Google CEO to act as "adult coach", Jobs was the only person of the candidate.

As CEO of Apple and Pixar Animation Studios, Jobs did not play its role. However, it is attractive to think that this was once on the table. Google CEO Eric Schemid later joined Apple's Board of Directors. It supports the intimacy of both companies.

Comparison between Apple and Google

Ultimately, with the debut of Google's Android operating system, the collapse of both companies occurred. Of course Jobs considered this a betrayal, because Schmidt was working on Apple's board during the development of iOS. At this point, Jobs threatened Google with "heat nuclear war" to appeal the search company to forget it.

Today, the relationship between Apple and Google has been improved. But the mobile operating system, mapping software, and recently the battle against AI technology continues.

(As an interesting bonus, you can check out this video from the Google Team Meeting in late 1999 to see how far the company came.)

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