Those involved in the MTA are said to have stolen $ 60,000 from taxpayers through the "procurement / resale" plan of the iPhone

A Former Metropolitan Transit Authority official has been indicted with an accusation that he purchased an iPhone worth $ 60,000 with taxpayers' money.

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As the Wall Street Journal reported, former MTA's procurement officer, Angel Barbosa, was indicted for theft. In addition, he was accused of submitting fake documents from previous work in order to earn higher salaries at MTA. Barbosa appealed charger for nothing today.

"When Angel Barbosa initially cheated New Yorker from tens of thousands of dollars in the form of improperly swept salary, it was about 6 times from taxpayers in smartphone procurement and resale plan," said Cyrus Vance Jr., District Court in Manhattan. Stole a million dollars "statement

On Thursday, Barbosa admitted his innocence. Barbosa's attorney, Jeremy Saland, voluntarily said that the customer was spontaneously accused and accused.

According to the prosecutor, Barbosa had ordered MTA employees 63 MHT vendors' iPhones. Prosecutors said the acquisition was unauthorized, "We did not follow the appropriate procurement procedures." In addition, to Barbosa, an iPhone totaling $ 58,153.57 was shipped directly to your home address.

From there, Barbosa was told to the associate to sell the iPhone, he put money directly into the sale from the sale.

Prosecutors ordered employees of MTA to purchase more than 60 iPhones from MTA vendors in 2016. The prosecutor said the purchase was not approved by the MTA and did not follow the appropriate procurement procedures.

According to the prosecutor, the iPhone for $ 63 was $ 58,153.57, which was shipped directly to Barbosa according to the prosecutor and was not used by MTA employees. And they said they called Mr. Barbosa.

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