This Siri shortcut keeps an eye on police during a traffic stop

iOS 12 shortcut application
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Smartphones have become a useful tool to light the light illuminated by police violence and excessive violence. Now, there is a shortcut for Siri and quickly find the iPhone to record police experience to the police during traffic outage.

This shortcut was created by Reddit user Robert Petersen of Florence, Arizona, and users are suggesting putting their iPhone in a dash mount while driving.

A shortcut is a new automation application for Apple's iOS 12 released last week to automate some of the workflows, from sending photos to their families and quickly launching the smart home feature.

Myriad users are using shortcuts. As soon as iOS 12 was announced earlier this year and became available in beta, developers launched the webcam Sharecuts and made it work as a repository for shortcuts. A new subdirectory for sharing shortcuts has increased considerably.

Petersen's command "Hey Siri, I & # 39; m pulled over" pauses playing music, drops the brightness, turns on "Do not Disturb", sends a message to the selected contact I will. Then activate the video recording of the front camera.

When the user stops recording, according to Petersen, a copy of the video will be sent to the specified contact. Also draw out the brightness and turn of "Do not Disturb". His shortcut is writing hundreds of comments about Reddit.

Siri shortcut

You can get a shortcut here, but Peterson believes that it can improve and asks people to submit ideas to the shortcut subdirectory. He updated the shortcut to automatically upload the video to Dropbox.

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