These are the vehicles and receivers from which Apple CarPlay was announced in 2018

Once an expensive niche opportunity – and still, in some cases – CarPlay becomes more and more common on new cars, trucks and SUVs, but also on aftermarket receivers. Here is a summary of the introductions in 2018 so far, the latest version of Jaguar and Land Rover.

26th September

Jaguar and Land Rover have announced that from the 2019 model year all vehicles with InControl Touch Pro or Touch Pro Duo interfaces will support an optional connection package, including CarPlay and Android Auto. New car buyers will have to pay $ 280 or more, depending on the model and trim, but current US owners will eventually be able to get a retroactive update, one for some drivers in the UK Kingdom is available.

5 September

Acura announced Wednesday the 2019 ILX, the first version of the sedan with CarPlay, as well as Android Auto. Drivers will communicate via an "improved" 7-inch capacitive touchscreen. The vehicle should reach dealers in October.

Toyota has now confirmed that CarPlay is a standard feature in the 2019 Toyota Camry.

August 17

And now a quick look at what you can expect from CarPlay in iOS 12.

August 16

Through its website, Toyota has indeed confirmed that the Sienna minibus from 2019 will have Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa. It should come standard on LE, SE and XLE trims, which have a 7-inch touchscreen.

Sony has now announced the XAV-AX210, a new 6.4-inch aftermarket receiver that supports CarPlay and Android Auto. It is actually an update of a 2017 model, the most important new feature is support for iDatalink Maestro, an audio system that bridges the controls, functions and settings of the screen, but only if it is outside of CarPlay. Prizes and a North American release date will be announced sometime this fall.

August 15

By announcing US prices for the Sentra 201, now available, Nissan revealed that people have to pay the SV trim ($ 19.090) or higher to get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard. The basic S trim starts at $ 17,790.

The approach is similar to that for other Nissan vehicles such as the 2018 Leaf. CarPlay is de facto on the Leaf SV or SL for exle, but completely unavailable on the cheaper Leaf S. This is the first year that the Sentra CarPlay has had.

August 13

The burgeoning CarPlay line-up of Toyota will soon include the 2019 Camry and Sienna, according to Car CarsDirect. The information has not been publicly disclosed, but has been discovered through analysis of the order manuals. Interestingly, the vehicles may also support Amazon Alexa, but not Android Auto, although people initially need an Android phone to make Alexa work. Alexa support for iPhone users is scheduled for early 2019.

7 August

The Mazda CX-9 from September starts at $ 32,280, but only has the CarPlay standard in the Touring trim ($ 35,330) and higher. That also gives owners an 8-inch screen, an upgrade of 7 inches on the base Sport.

July 31st

Mazda said that people with a Mazda6 sedan in September will be able to get a free CarPlay upgrade installed by the dealer, but only if they have paid for a Touring, Grand Touring, Grand Touring Reserve or Signature trim. With that finish, the technology is already pre-installed from November.

May 25

CarPlay is coming for the first time to the Subaru WRX in 2019 models, which will soon be launched. The technology will generally be standard, but then on a 6.5-inch screen with the basic decoration ($ 28,080) and 7 inches with the Premium ($ 30,380) and STI ($ 37,480). Limited buyers ($ 32,680) will have to choose CarPlay as an upgrade.

24 May

Pioneer's new AVH-W4400NEX and AVH-W8400NEX receivers each support CarPlay wirelessly, still a rare commodity. The first ($ 699.99) has a 7-inch resistive touch screen, while the latter ($ 1,199.99) switches to a capacitive screen, making it respond faster.

25 April

The 2019 ES will be the first Lexus with CarPlay and will be shipped in September. Models without navigation on board get an 8-inch screen, but people who pay extra for the navigation package get a whopping 12.3-inch screen, larger than most iPads.

28th of March

Perhaps Toyota followed the lead, another CarPlay holdout – Mazda – unveiled plans to add CarPlay to two upcoming vehicles, starting with the Mazda6 from the summer of 2018. That car only has the platform standard at Touring, Grand Touring, Grand Touring Reserve and Signature trims, but is displayed on an 8-inch screen.

The technology also needs to hit the CX-9 crossover from 2019, but few details have been shared.

March 26

Honda left the Insight 2019 and said that the hybrid sedan with CarPlay support this summer will arrive via an "available" 8-inch dash interface. Toyota's Lexus division meanwhile said that its UX compact crossover, which will appear in December, will have the CarPlay standard.

March 23

The next Toyota to purchase CarPlay is the Corolla Hatchback from the summer of this year and offers the technology on an 8-inch touch screen. Prices have not been announced.

February 16

The Subaru Ascent from 2019, coming summer, has CarPlay on all trims from $ 31,995. However, that basic model uses a 6.5-inch display, forcing people to pay more expensive trims when they want an 8-inch screen.

January 31st

Acura & # 39; s 2018 MDX Sport Hybrid has CarPlay as standard on all trims, presented on a 7-inch capactive touchscreen. The vehicle starts at $ 52,100.

January 16

BMW leaves the rest of the industry and switches to a subscription model for CarPlay. From next year, BMW owners will have to pay after their first $ 80 a year, something that the car manufacturer defends as cheaper than the current one-time price of $ 300, at least if they have a lease contract of three or four years.

15 January

In a major concession, Toyota has spent a long time thinking of making plans to bring CarPlay to the 2019 Avalon, along with other 2019 models such as some Lexus vehicles. The Avalon is shipped in the spring and has CarPlay standard on all trims.

In 2015, Toyota declared infamous that it planned to maintain proprietary platforms for the foreseeable future, even while other car manufacturers were busy preparing or adding CarPlay. Apple's software began picking up traction in 2016 and is now on many vehicles, although availability on low-cost models remains a problem.

January 11

The 2019 Honda Insight will support CarPlay as an add-on package, displayed on an 8-inch touchscreen. Honda promises to ship the car later this year.

January 9

At CES, Alpine showed the CarPlay-compatible iLX-F309, which will be released in February. The $ 1,100 receiver is distinguished by a "floating" 9-inch WVGA touch screen, making it fit into vehicles that might not have enough space on the dashboard.

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