The Verizon 5G package includes 4K Apple TV and YouTube TV

Verizon is reportedly planning to offer free 4K Apple TV to its customers as part of its efforts to compete on the 5G network.

Verizon is the first mobile carrier to offer 5G residential broadband services in the US later this year and is trying to attract subscribers with a deal with Apple TV 4k and a discounted YouTube TV (usually $ 40 per month).

Originally, Verizon pursued its own content as a way to inherit rival AT & T owners of Time Warner and HBO. These plans were abandoned in favor of sharing deals with content creators instead.

"5G is pleased to be able to further confuse the entertainment industry, offer the best network, best content, best partner choice to customers," said Variety,

Verizon's 5 g network will start in four major markets beginning with Sacramento, Los Angeles, Houston, Indianapolis. The price of the plan has not been announced yet. Mobile 5G network will be launched in 2019.

The all-in plan of Apple TV and YouTube TV is scheduled after Verizon closed Go 90 's free advertisement TV service last month.

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