The police arrest on the stolen identity and cryptographic SIM hacking ring

A few weeks ago, it was reported that hackers were accessing the Instagram account by stealing phone numbers and reassigning them to another SIM card. Now, the authorities arrested as part of the multi-national SIM card hacking ring …

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The trial record Brian Krebs (via The Verge) excavated this week shows that the Florida authorities arrested the man after discovering that he stole the SIM card from the victims of the 7 provinces last month.

Authorities knew the system when he heard her son working as an AT & T employee and warned law enforcement agencies. The law enforcement agency arrived at the house, examined his son's room, the document revealed, "a list of names and phone numbers with SIM card and mobile phone" was discovered.

Ultimately, the authorities were able to track the SIM card to the seven victims of the seven provinces. While the victim stolen identity as part of the scheme, it lost encryption of "billions of dollars".

The policeman interviewed his son. He said that the ring contains "about 8 people" including a man named Ricky Handschumacher (Ricky Handschumacher). Who discussed SIM hacking through Discord's conversation,

Executive officials said that Handschumacher and others would steal personal information, disguise and pay mobile phone employees, and receive new SIM cards containing the target theft information.

With that, they are likely to decrypt the password associated with the phone number that contains the cryptocurrency account. Police said that Handschumacher washes more than $ 100,000 through a cryptographic violation exchange, but insists on innocent on that crime.

Impersonation of SIM is also called SIM jack or SIM hacking, …

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