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The operation of iOS 12 is much faster, especially for older iPhones

Apple's next operating system is still in beta, but it delivers much better performance than iOS 11. Apple 's promise of iOS 12 is fast, there is little doubt that Cupertino will provide.

Speed ​​tests run on older models including iPhone 5s are greatly speeded up with iOS 12.

People are often nervous to install a new OS version on an aged iPhone. Apple has released upgrades for iPhones several years ago, but there is concern that hardware will be more than it can handle.

To test these iOS 12 performance problems, Number of bytes of i application I just shot a video by placing iPhone 5 running iOS 12 beta 8 released next to the second unit running iOS 11.4.1. (For your reference, iPhone 5 debuted in 2013)

The difference is obvious from the beginning. iOS 12 will start about 20 seconds faster. In the speed comparison of Apple's "inventory" application, the new operating system is at least slightly faster in most cases.

One remarkable exception: when opening the keyboard with iOS 12, Dramatically It is faster than my predecessor.

IOS 12 performance on the new iPhone

Even if the same test runs on iPhone 7, the difference in performance of iOS 12 is not that important. However, iOS 12 is often slightly faster than iOS 11.4.1 in most cases.

The same side-by-side test was also executed on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s units. The results are similar. The performance of iOS 12 has improved, and on older models, improvements can be seen when running a new operating system.

These are from the pre-release version of iOS 12. In the final version, even better performance may be obtained. In comparison between iOS 12 beta 1 and iOS 12 beta 8, a moderate speed improvement was seen.

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