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The concept of the MacBook discards the physical key of the huge touchbar

A few years ago, when Apple announced a MacBook with a Touch Bar, it got a positive reputation, it looked like a concept that Apple did not push forward.

The same criticism can not be leveled in the video of a new concept created by Turkish designer and Apple fan Furkan Kasap indeed. Kasap reconsidered the MacBook keyboard as a full-on virtual keyboard built around touch display. check it out.

Good and evil

It is attractive to know whether Apple decided to adopt such technology. We know from Apple's patent application that we are thinking about this kind of movement so far.

Removing the physical keyboard solves the problem pointed out by Steve Jobs on the original iPhone announced in 2007, that is, it does not require the same control for all applications. Virtual keyboards allow developers to customize each application more highly. Then the user can customize their own work process by making the keys bigger or smaller.

At the technical level, the keyboard has mechanical defects, so it can alleviate some of Apple's problems. The virtual keyboard is said to mean that these will not happen. The reason is that Apple abandoned making the physical home button on the iPhone tactile.

It's good? My problem will eventually be the physical feel of the keyboard. Even if Apple implements smart haptic technology, it is impossible to reproduce the movement of physical keys.

After all, this looks like a nice demo, but it is hard to imagine that Apple actually caused such an idea. Personally, I was hoping to get a touch screen Mac and keep my physical keyboard, but that's just me.

What do you think about Furkan …

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