The Apple store received 2 pounds of crystal female

The life of an Apple Store employee is not always easy. Sometimes they are struck by their angry customers on their faces, there are robbers, and they have to bear with being sneered at Samsung.

And there is a day when Apple Store employees opened packages packed with tens of millions of dollars of very illegal crystal metades.

Drug dealer obviously confused several addresses and incorrectly sent a FedEx package containing 2 pound meth to iPhone shop Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan.

The Apple Store was temporarily unveiled temporarily after the contents of the box were confirmed. The dealer 's address was in the package so it was arrested immediately New York Post.

Details of CrystalMet

Determining the value of illegal drugs is like a guessing game, Drug news It shows that a 2 pound female female will be sold somewhere between $ 26,000 and $ 36,000.

As is more formally known, methamphetamine is a medicine on schedule 1 that "Drug Enforcement Agency" is not "a medical application currently being accepted, but the possibility of abuse is high". It looks like a crystal or a pale rock.

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