Streaks routine app now works with iPad, Outcast podcast player updated for OS 5

It is the release day of iOS 12 and OS 5 and the app updates are coming quickly. Streaks and Outcast, both developed in Australia by Quentin Zervaas, today have major new versions with features that take advantage of Apple's new software updates.

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Streaks is a very useful and well-equipped app for building habits with which you can build routines and reward yourself for achieving your goals. Strings aly works with useful iOS features like HealthKit, and now Streaks has been updated for iOS 12 with full support for Siri Shortcuts on iPhone and Apple … and now iPad for the first time.

Streaks is new to the iPad with today's update, and the larger version comes with iCloud support for synchronizing routines and automatically managing the progress between devices. Streaks also gets a new option for timed tasks and the Apple version has new options for managing complications.

Streaks is available as a single purchase on iPhone, iPad and Apple for $ 4.99 in the App Store.

Outcast for Apple, the ambitious third-party Apple podcast app, has also been updated today for the new OS 5 update. The new version offers support for the background audio mode, the playback of the app's volume, a new complication that shows playback of the episode, and Siri Shortcuts support that extends to Siri's face.

Outcast is available for 99 ¢ in the App Store.

Streaks 4.0 release notes:

* Siri quick couplings * Native iPad app * iCloud job synchronization * Ability to choose the time at which a day begins * Completely new job options

Siri quick couplings:

* In addition to the existing Siri support, you can now include custom phrases to perform your tasks * Suggestions now automatically appear on the iPhone and Siri lock screen * Completely new Siri management screen: Go to Settings gt Hey Siri to view all available phrases and options.

iPad app + iCloud synchronization:

* All your task data is synchronized on your devices * We have adapted Streaks to work natively on your iPad * iCloud options are available under Settings gt iCloud

Start of the day:

* You can now change when your day starts, great for the night owls! * Go to Settings gt Start of the day to change this setting

Temporary tasks:

* You can now create timed tasks. Create a new task and select the "clock" section. * Jobs appear with a play / pause button above it, allowing you to start the timer * You can then do what you have to do – Stripes let you know when the timer is ready. * You can run your timers from the main app, from the widget of today or from Apple * You can convert an existing task to a timed task, under the job settings screen.

Health tasks:

* Water task now stores directly to the Health app and you can segment into multiple completions per day (for example Drink 8 cups of water) * The new timed task function supports mindfulness, so you can start your meditation from Streaks and register it directly with the Health app. * New "bedtime" task follows when you go to bed and wake up. * New tasks for nutrition tracking (such as calories, sugar, caffeine and protein). * Negative health tasks help you to reduce your intake of certain types (for example eating less sugar)

Improved Apple support:

* We have improved the speed and reliability of the Apple app so that it works better than ever * Added support for the new full-color infograph complications * You can adjust how each complication appears. On the iPhone, go to Settings gt Apple. * If you start a timed task from Apple, the countdown timer appears directly on your face.

Other improvements:

* New "times per month" option for completing tasks * New task icons * x callback url now generates URLs that work on different devices * A lot of bug fixes and performance improvements

Release notes for Outcast 3.0:

Background audio: When playing, the new background audio modes are used, resulting in a much more reliable experience. This means that double-tap to pause / resume with your AirPods will work as expected!

Volume control: You can now control the volume directly from Outcast on Apple. Note that we wanted to continue scrubbing with the Digital Crown option, so tap the volume control to adjust it.

Delivery management: You can now manage your episodes directly on your iPhone. The list of episodes is automatically synchronized with your Apple.

Apple Complications: If you add Outcast as a complication to your face, you'll see information about the episode that is currently playing, including the remaining real time. On supported areas you will see an image in full color podcasts.

Siri quick couplings If you use the Siri face on Apple, downloaded episodes are displayed so you can start playing quickly.

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