Storage is cheaper than ever, but iPhone customers don’t benefit

The new iPhone was expensive so far.
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Perhaps not surprisingly, Apple never leaves the way to deliver savings to customers.

According to a new report, despite the fact that last year's NAND flash memory price has halved, Apple has not reduced the iPhone's cost accordingly. Indeed, Apple charges 78 cents as in 2017. In other words, the iPhone is more profitable.

As a comparison, Apple pays 25 cents per gigabit to the supplier.

Bloomberg "Apple has imposed more costs on customers than paying to suppliers and does not provide a way to reduce the markup of bulk options or to add the storage later by the customer.When component prices sharply decline ing"

According to this report, Apple points out that users should raise the iPhone storage option from 64 GB to 256 GB for $ 150 and add another $ 200 to increase from 256 GB to 512 GB.

Driver that brings great benefits for Apple

Charging more storage is one of the simplest benefit drivers Apple has. According to today's report, the new 512 GB storage chip on the latest generation of iPhones can increase the $ 134 phone per Apple over the low end 64 GB option.

Unlike the cost of increasing the size of the display, including the re-engineering of the iPhone, increasing the size of the storage means just replacing a new chip.

Given that the overall worldwide smartphone market is stagnant, Apple's ability to charge premium for storage (rather than NAND chips from other mainstream smartphone makers) is a prudent move.

After all, as the success of $ 1,000 last year's iPhone X has been demonstrated, what customers pay for the new iPhone has not been proven yet.

Source: Bloomberg Business

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