Siri Database Lists Oddly-Named Small Businesses

It is easy to listen to Siri instructions to Trader Joe & # 39; s, Starbucks, and other big companies. But what about SMEs? How is a small business with a strange name? It turned out that Apple created a special Siri database for this purpose.

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Mr. Siri's database

A special database means that if you ordered from a small local company, Siri mistook you. The type of machine learning algorithm used for speech recognition is difficult if there is a large amount of data. This makes it easy to recognize popular phrases and analyze sentences. However, it is not suitable for common and less common phrases.

Image of Siri database machine learning diagram.

The latest article from Apple's Machine Learning Journal describes Siri's "Regional Specific Language Model for Speech Recognition". Geolocation-based language model (Geo-LM).

To improve Siri, the team pulls local search results from Apple Maps, Places of Interest (POI). After that, we deleted general franchises like Taco Bell from the list of POIs updated everyday. Once the big business disappears, it will reveal the small business people are searching for and seeking.

This approach works easily in other languages ​​and geographical locations as long as there is sufficient data for the work.

[[[[The way to enable "Hay Siri" on your Mac is as follows]

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