Shoppers arrest citizens on Apple store thieves

The stolen momentum of the eavesdropping Apple Store continues, but this time it is not going so well because of a problem thief.

On the weekend, the Apple Store in Oaks Mall, Thousand Oaks, California, started walking around three men to take away products. However, an angry customer was involved and all three were arrested.

The customer worked on 2 out of 3 men and arrested the citizen. The agent later arrested the third person by car on the way out of the mall. They also arrested two women who were believed to be in the vehicle.

Recent Apple Store robbery excitement

Stopping a thief at the Apple Store is going to be good news at any time. However, it may be especially welcome here. This is because the thief is thought to be a counterattacker attacking another Apple store.

This included the Northridge 's Apple Store early on the same day they were arrested, and $ 10,000 worth of goods have been stolen.

Other Apple store robbery incidents occurred across California. This includes the recent Roseville and Fresno theft. Whether the same thief is behind these theft is not clear. In any case, this latest robbery collection was brought to citizens who were able to help law enforcement.

The last word of wisdom to become a thief: The Apple Store may seem to be suitable for lifting expensive items, but it is not the case. Smartly, Apple uses a special version of the software on every demo device, so it will be useless if stolen from the store.

As a result, it is possible to sell pinch devices for spare parts, but there are not many others.

Source: Kron 4

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