Shocking Apple SCANDAL Unveiled! Wait, false alarm

In recent news, companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter are knee deep in scandals with fake news, Russian propaganda and censorship. But what about an Apple scandal? (through The New York Times).

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Non Apple Scandal

Apple has numerous scandals: BendGate, BatteryGate, "You just keep it wrong!" But they are not really on the same level.

Because Apple earns money by selling phones instead of advertising, it has managed to protect itself against various digital pests: a defender of your privacy, an agitator against misinformation and propaganda, and even a plausible fighter against technical addiction, a problem that is caused by the very irresistible own devices.

Some people do not like the fact that Apple has become somewhat of a moral arbitrator. But in the world today it is a bit refreshing. While Google chefs answer senate questions about a censored search engine in China, Tim Cook has to answer how he could wear white shoes after Labor Day.

But seriously, Apple's message is simple: paying for hardware and services is a good business model that makes it easy to guarantee security and privacy. There is more nuance than that, but at the end of the day the Apple ecosystem is a safe space where you can relax.

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