Sen. Rubio brings Apple to work for a slow response to data collection by Adware Doctor0s

As a frequently heard critic of the company regarding China, US Senator Marco Rubio reportedly sent a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook asking why the company did not respond immediately to the message that a Mac App Store title browser hi to the country.

Apple waited until after the Adware Doctor became public to address the problem, including pulling the app, Rubio complained Axios. The Florida senator asked if the company had chosen to ignore security researcher warnings a month earlier, and how the company would act faster next time, for example by quickly checking updates and / or setting up new security options for apps.

"For a company that prides itself on prioritizing user privacy and security, this delayed response is extremely worrying," wrote Rubio and his office.

One of the researchers who drew attention to Adware Doctor, former National Security Agency staff member, Patrick Wardle, has suggested that Adware Doctor may have been exporting browser hi-fi for years.

Rubio's biggest concern about Apple is usually the willingness to respect the authoritarian government of China because of market access. The company has repeatedly tracked censorship requests from the App Store and transferred control of the iCloud servers in the region to a local company, putting it within the scope of the surveillance.

These actions are in stark contrast to Apple's position in places like the US and Europe, where it maintains that it is fully committed to privacy. The famous resistance against a US Department of Justice demanded that it built a backdoor on San Bernardino shooter's iPhone Syed Rizwan Farook, only for the department to fall back when it succeeded with a third-party contractor.

The Chinese market is worth tens of billions of dollars every year, and Cook has claimed that he can better influence the direction of China by "participating" instead of protesting on the sidelines.

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