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Samsung can not believe that Apple Pencil will not work on iPhone

Samsung continues its "ingenious" negative marketing campaign against the iPhone. The latest ad shows customers who confused Apple Pencil as unusable on the iPhone.

Samsung 's advertisement emphasizes that a considerable number of iPhone users agree, but another statement is a little deceptive.

Let's see the ad:

In Originals: pen Apple Store employees tell customers that Apple Pencil will only work on iPad. If she hears what you can use on the iPhone instead, she says that the other option is a finger.

Apple Pencil for iPad, please

The first statement of Samsung 's advertisement is the truth. And that is what many iPhone users are frustrated with. This pressure sensitive stylus is suitable for taking notes on iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus, but Pencil support is limited to Apple tablets.

In September this year, quite a few people cross the fingerprints and the rumored 6.5-inch iPhone will be supporting this accessory for the first time. It will be a better competitor for Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung does not tell the truth

But Samsung's argument is not true that fingers are the only alternative to Apple Pencil.

There are quite a capacity type stylus that operates on the iPhone in the market. There are high-end models and cheap models. Some companies are dealing a promotional pen that also functions as a capacitive stylus.

Certainly, these are not sensitive to pressure. It looks like the S pen attached to the Galaxy Note 9. However, it does not affect usability for taking fast notes.

And Samsung sees the fact that S Pen is not coordinating with Galaxy S 9 and its predecessor. The only option for these devices is a capacitive stylus. Or, you know your finger.

Sneaky campaign

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