Run pacing alert with Cadence on WatchOS 5 using Apple Watch

Apple watch has steadily evolved into a better sports watch, and the upcoming watchOS 5 software update continues to trend such as yoga, hiking training, automatic workout detection, and new ways to display heart rate data. For runners, this is a free software update planned for September and is a new way to train with pace alerts and cadence, which are features that appeared in existing Apple watch.

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Cadence is a simple measure of the number of steps taken per minute you take while you are running. Improving your rhythm can directly affect Stride's efficiency, convert it to a faster runtime, even minimize the possibility of injury.

Cadence can be measured by counting the number of steps in 60 seconds, a convenient diversion tool that can withstand difficult execution. Or you can start with watchOS 5 on AppleOS.

In Apple Watch you can display both the average cadence and the current cadence for outdoor running. You can know the rhythm during training by customizing which metrics are displayed. iOS 12 and watchOS 5 or higher are required.

From the iPhone, tap on Watch application -> My Watch -> Workout section -> Workout view section -> Outdoor section section -> Edit. Up to five metrics can be displayed for each workout type. Therefore, you need to delete one or two metrics before including the cadence metrics. Once included, during your outdoor run exercises, cadence will be displayed with numbers and SPM, or minutes. Elite runners often run at 180 steps per minute whereas many recreational runners say they have cadence of about 150 steps / minute.

Most of the elite runners hit the ground 180 to 184 times per minute. This rhythm, regardless of whether they are running 1,500 meters race …

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