Review: Yohann's MacBook Pro and MacBook stand are beautiful in your setup

Most MacBooks are one of the few popular aluminum-based styles. As a result, we decided to use Yohann's MacBook and MacBook Pro stand to destroy the mold in both material selection and impressive design. Lift the MacBook Let's take a closer look at this beautiful way.

Well! Screen cleaner

As I guessed from the image above, I tested the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Stand with walnut. This stand provides not only cantilever design but also a unique combination of horn and curved line with a minimum feeling of beautiful sculptural elements.

Like the company's iPad stand (review), this MacBook stand does not offer a budget at an initial price of $ 159. But, you are getting what you pay for this premium MacBook accessory.


  • It is sustainably supplied and is made from a single block of solid walnut or oak
  • Create your own floating MacBook design
  • 7.5 inches up for MacBook
  • Weight: 10.85 oz (307 g)
  • Compatible with all MacBook Air, MacBook, MacBook Pro machines since 2009

Material and build

Sustainable manufacturing is important for Johan, so we are using timber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council of Europe and North America. This does not mean that none of the tree types used are in danger of extinction.

Yohann offers MacBook Pro and MacBook stands with walnut or oak. Production begins with a traditional woodworking shop in the north of Italy and is completed in Germany. Johan combines precision milling and hand work to confirm that the final product is of the highest quality. Natural oil and wax emphasize the grain of walnut and orcs, creating a luxurious finish.

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