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Research prove that women's pocket is too small for the iPhone

Have you tried putting the iPhone in your pants pocket and tried to run out of the room with the device in the middle? Men are probably hurting their heads, but most women are familiar with experiences.

According to a new survey, we found that the front pocket of women's jeans has an average of less than half of men. And that means that less than half of the brands surveyed can hold iPhone X.

In this research, pudding We measured the pocket size of 20 brands including Levi & # 39; s, Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger. iPhone X turned out to be 40% of it.

However, researchers Jan Diehm and Amber Thomas are not accusing Apple that they are making large devices. They point out that the iPhone X fits within 100% of the front pocket Men's jeans.

Also, Samsung Galaxy S9 has fewer women's pockets, only 20%. It effectively enters the front pockets of virtually all men.

Pockets sewn into women's jeans are so small that women of average size can not even reach out offering from 90% of brands. It is not a problem for men.

The author of the study is not bold about calling how sex is treated. "For women, it is about (and still) about equality"

What pockets in the storm

Jeans back pockets of heterogeneous gender are close in size. "Male back pockets were slightly deeper than women, but they were exactly the same width," said Diem and Thomas. This explains why so many women are carrying their mobile phones despite sitting in the back pocket.

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