Purchase popular iPad drawing application "paper" with file transfer service WeTransfer

Manufacturer of the most popular iOS drawing application was bought. FiftyThree, a company behind the iOS general paper application, announced today that it was acquired by WeTransfer, a cloud-based file transfer company.

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Reported WiredAlthough the terms and conditions at this point are reasonable, WeTransfer says FiftyThree acquired "all patent portfolio and all assets of its application". In the meantime, it is said that FiftyThree executives and product teams will take over.

Major acquisitions are not necessarily best for users of services like Paper, but FiftyThree says that the application evolution can continue by continuing "improving investment and support" through the acquisition of WeTransfer. In addition, according to FiftyThree in the blog post, it is said that users have "some great idea dishes".

Customers of pasted paste and paper will not change pricing or functions as soon as possible. We will also provide you with sufficient information about future changes. We are cooking some great ideas that you think is excited.

FiftyThree is a somewhat pioneering point in drawing applications of the iPad. The paper application was crowded with Apple's "iPad App of the Year", but it was just a big review last year. In addition to Paper, FittyThree also launched Paste last year, thanks to integrated applications such as Slack, YouTube, Google Docs and so on, creatives can collaborate to create presentations.

However, FiftyThree's products are not just applications. It is also a company behind the "Pencil" stylus for the iPad, striking Apple with the word naming. Despite the new competition with Apple, Pencil …

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