PSA: Robo Call Asks AT&T PIN and Social Security Number

I got a phishing attack on the weekend. I have never encountered or heard of it. The things that the bad guys are trying to do and what you can do to avoid it are as follows.

Phishing attack

TMODramatic reproduction of phishing attacks

AT & T PIN and social security number Robo Call Phishes

I was called from the number 1 – 800 that was determined not to be from AT & T. My iPhone is on the AT & T network.

Voice that was not very well synthesized announced that my AT & T account was suspended. The poor quality of the synthesized message was my first clue this was fake. AT & T has made a lot of efforts to make the computer close to humans.

The second clue was the message itself. AT & T did not contact me that my account was interrupted. The word "call" is there. However, this phishing attack was moving fast. It is unlikely that many people will be taken in.

Robo's voice says something near "Please enter your AT & T PIN to reactivate your account." After that, I repeated that sentence every few seconds. I think that this iteration was intentional. I was still asking to know where it is going, but someone who is calling this phone believed that the message might feel a lot of pressure to enter the PIN.

Please do not enter PIN. The company has extended its hands in this way so far and has not requested PIN, password, social security number.

I wanted to see where the call goes, I entered four zeros (this is not my PIN, I am using 1234 … just a joke). After that I was asked for the last 4 digits of social security number. Neither company asked for this way.

I also entered 0000 here and was told to connect to the agent. That is when I got excited, I love to annoy those who caught up with fraud.

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