Practice: Logitech's MX Vertical has changed the way I look at the mouse

I was intrigued when I saw Logitech 's MX Vertical announcement for the first time. I have seen such a vertical type mouse from other companies of Amazon so far, but it was never certain whether I really worked "really".

I came from MX Master 2 S (and before that, MX Master, some MX Anywhere mice were also populated). In my opinion, there was nothing ergonomically better than MX Master. It felt better than other mice and had lots of features. After using MX Vertical for over a week, my view has been completely changed.

Logitech MX Vertical checks the box required when looking for a new mouse. It features customizable DPI, back / forward button, nice scroll wheel. There are some features of the MX master, like sidebar scroll wheels and gestures, but this is overlooked when using MX Vertical, but it is more than the functionality I need.

I am not mistaken, I still have some heavy video editing and I need a scroll wheel next to it, but since I use MX vertical, once I touch it Hold MX master 2S on the desk.

Logitech insists that the 57 degree angle is "perfect" to relieve muscle tension when using the mouse. I need to agree. That is because the burden on the wrist was greatly reduced on the day of normal work.

I am working at home, so I sit in front of the computer for about 8 hours on most days. And when you tackle the research of a university, it can always grow 10-12 + hours at any time. My hands are on my mouse, and the new position of MX Vertical really helps.

Logitech's latest mouse aims to put your hands in the same position as when shaking hands to someone. It is obvious that our hands and wrists rest in this way, but I can see the benefits.

For the first few days …

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