OS 5: new notification options and "Quiet delivery" for Apple

The newly released OS 5 has a whole host of great new features to play with, but one of my favorites (and one of the most useful) is the simple operation we get about reports. When you swipe your face to access your recent items, you can now swipe from side to side to show a & # 39; ellipse & # 39; icon:

Tap that icon and you will see two choices: & # 39; Quiet delivery & # 39; and & # 39; Disable Apple & # 39 ;.

quot; Liver Quietlyquot; on Apple notifications

"Quiet delivery" is useful; it sends notifications from that app directly to the Notification Center on both your and the associated iPhone, so you can still see those items if you want to, without having to do anything about it. Within Settings gt; Notifications gt; [App Name] on your iPhone, this is the way in which choosing "Quietly Deliver" will set the preferences:

Notifications Settings on iPhone

And in the Apple app under My gt; Notifications gt; [App Name], "Deliver quietly" will do this:

Notifications Settings on Apple

As you can see, in both cases "Notification Center" is selected under "Warnings". This means that you will not hear or see any popups from that app, so you should visit the Notification Center by swiping down both devices' screens to see what you've been given.

If you want disable you can do this at any time by adjusting the above Settings gt; Notifications gt; [App Name] choices for your iPhone and My gt; Notifications gt; [App Name] For you . You can also swipe down on your screen, search for a new notification from that app, and then swipe from right to left again, with & # 39; Quiet delivery & # 39; has switched to & # 39; Deliver Prominent & # 39;

quot; Lever Prominentlyquot; for notifications on Apple

"Quiet delivery" and "Prominent delivery" are also available when you swipe from right to left about an item in the Message Center on your iPhone, but switching iPhone will only affect that device and not the device.

Message center Message options on iPhone

Anyway, the other new option under that elliptical icon on the button is "Turn Off on Apple", which makes the following changes to the device settings for that app without affecting the iPhone:

quot; Notifications Offquot; for Apple in app

So this would be a quick way to completely stop harassment by an annoying app. And, you know, I could call more than one app that I'm constantly annoyed about, but I'm not going to do it publicly.

It suffices to say that I use my personal banhammer both aggressively and often if your app appeals to me too often.

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