Opinion: My money is still against the Apple brand car in 2025

Apple's analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has a proven track record (if incomplete), but his latest memo that Apple Car expects to be sold from 2023 to 2025 is his Light to ordinary things.

Mr. Kuo has excellent supply chain contacts and provides excellent insight into Apple's short- and medium-term plans. When products are actually produced, the complexity of Apple 's supply chain means that it is difficult to keep a secret.

However, even before mass production begins, you need to set up a production line, create a mold, and run a test run. So suppliers are in a position to know a lot about Apple 's mid – term plan, Kuo' s contacts can give him certain information.

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However, his latest investment memo is far ahead of me, I think that I am more essentially speculative. I do not think that Kuo is based on a supply chain report that guesses Apple's strategic direction.

Of course, like us, he has the right to do this. But I do not think his name will lend this type of weight, usually like that it will do.

2023 is five years later. 2025 is after seven years. These are not timescales where supply chain reports do not tell anything about Apple's plans. This memo is pure op-ed where Quo advocates the theory about what Apple is considering and why.

We can see this from wording.

The reasons are as follows. (1) Because it is redefined by new technology, potentially huge replacement demand is emerging in the automobile sector. This case is the same as the smartphone department 10 years ago. (2) Apple's technical advantage (such as AR) will redefine the car and differentiate Apple Car …

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