Now available "Creative Selection" book: creating iPhone keyboard, Apple's design process, and demonstration to Steve Jobs

Creative Selection created by the creator of the original iPhone keyboard is currently available on Amazon (Amazon, iBooks), and it describes Apple 's software development process such as iPhone, iPad etc.

Written by an engineer who made the original iPhone keyboard, this is my favorite book focusing on the "modern" Apple era. It covers Apple's decision-making strategy under Steve Jobs, something like a demonstration for human himself, deeply of the way the iPhone keyboard works, and more. Please read that you read some of the best bits of this book.

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Author Ken Kocienda worked at Apple from 2001 to the beginning of 2017. Kocienda worked at Safari on Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch. Most of the material is developed mainly on the origination and iterative development of the original iPhone software keyboard. On the way, Kocienda describes his approach to successful product design, which he calls "creative choice".

This book starts with Kocienda in the summer 2009 Apple tablet development weed and waits for Steve Jobs demo outside the conference room. He was in charge of creating a keyboard for the iPad. Storytelling is wonderful. This is not the only explanation of how Kocienda collaborated with the Human Interface Team's Bas Ording to make a prototype. This anecdote is a great way to show how Apple is founded.

Kocienda starts with demonstrating to a direct report, Henri Lamiraux, with colleagues. Scott Forstall regularly checks progress and finally succeeds demo for Forstall and finally Jobs demo will be final approved. Each stage of the management chain acts as a separate filter for feedback, refinement and review.

This is the second demonstration of infamous CEO Kocienda …

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