North Carolina chooses Apple for state-wide K-3 leading program development

Earlier this week, Apple was reported to have a statewide agreement in North Carolina. I talked with NCDC's communication director, Drew Elliot (NCDPI). Why the iPad?Learn more about how this deployment works. I am accustomed to IT, I am always wondering how these large deployments work.

Read the state teachers from kindergarten to 3rd grade, acquire computer tablets from this grade state, track and improve student reading.

Public education supervision Mark Johnson announced plans to hold an iPad for media, governor, North Carolina State legislator on Tuesday morning. Johnson 's office has set the price list price of the device to about $ 6 million. It never quoted the unit price immediately.

Drew said he was watching various devices (such as other tablets, laptop computers, Chromebooks, etc.), but the teacher came back to the iPad. He said that there are lots of devices other than the iPad in advanced, but in the elementary school the iPad is still the dominant device.

I have seen this even at the school I talked about. As age goes up, you may want to experience "full browser" on the keyboard, but in lower grades, there is nothing beyond the simplicity of the iPad and the ecosystem of the App Store.

The introduction of iPad is aimed at tracking the progress of reading from kindergarten to third grade. We use Amplify's mClass system to keep track of student reading data. My school also uses a similar system and has achieved great success. Many people forget to read it is that it has an impact all Subjects. If you struggle to read, you are …

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