Yu Suzuki, the great ex-Sega, will release a new game for Apple Arcade

Yu Suzuki, one of the most famous game developers in Japan, has announced that the next game will be a development for Apple Arcade, a mobile gaming subscription service of the giant technology. What’s at stake: Apple is a novelty but a major player in the gaming industry, with sources to achieve almost anything it wants and get some top talent in the process.

Apple does not make games or applications a dedicated device and does not report revenue for its games. The Wall Street Journal estimates that in 2019, Apple generated $ 8.5 billion from games in its app store, at least $ 2 billion more than Sony, Activision, Nintendo and Microsoft received in the same period. Descriptions: Game from Suzuki and her team is called Air Twister and it features a princess who flies through fantastic areas to pick up enemies of the air.

It is the return of the arcade culture to the original works of Suzuki, specifically the mid-’80s shoot-em-up Space Harrier. It is entitled as coming from YS-Net, Suzuki’s independent development company. Suzuki is a pioneering company and Hall of Famer. Since the mid-1980s, he oversaw the development of dozens of acclaimed games, including After Burner, Virtua Fighter and Shenmue, all for the iconic Japanese publisher Sega during his competition with Nintendo.

He left his full-time role at Sega in 2011 and spent more than $ 6 million on Kickstarter to release the 2019 Shenmue III, but has yet to unveil a new project since then. What they are saying: “When I go to Apple’s headquarters, we have a word – and we have a really good word about what if I play a direct game that you want to play repeatedly, like arcades old school, ”Suzuki told Axios through an interpreter during a video call today.

He declined to comment on whether he had arranged a meeting or if Apple had approached him. But opening up Apple to do business is obvious. Another developer on the call, featuring Apple Arcade-exclusive sequel to the long-running Making Mom series, told Axios that the project began with the idea of ​​doing something for a subscription service, with the next game idea. Between the lines: Apple is quiet about how it builds its game business, but is clearly finding a way to tie its arcade work to some of the game’s creators and brand names including hardcore console artists.

One of Apple Arcade’s most acclaimed releases, Fantasian 2021, was produced by a team led by Final Fantasy architect Hironobu Sakaguchi. Last September, Apple Arcade launched a game from Classic Konami but the Castlevania franchise was recently forgotten. Yes, but we can only guess how well this is working for Apple. The company does not share Arcade Arcade subscription statistics. What follows: Air Twister is set for release on May 24. And even before that, another Japanese classic series is on the way: a new Frogger will be released on Arcade later this week.

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