‘You feel like you are in the club’

The last one TikTok iPhone hack it might seem a bit strange at first.

But, according to app users, it really works. The trick, shared by user @caitlinoo_, claims to turn your phone’s speakers into a full dance club.

As TikToker states – and many commentators have agreed – all you have to do is put your phone behind your neck.

“Put the phone behind your neck, you won’t regret it,” TikToker captioned his viral video.

IPhone hacking might seem a bit silly at first, but many TikTok users (including this writer) enjoyed it a lot. Basically, the phone’s speakers turn into a kind of pounding, pounding Surround sound.

That phenomenon, mixed with the literal feel of the bass on the neck, seems to create a kind of simulated disco. After nearly a year of “new normal”, it’s a feeling that many users seemed to miss.

“This is the thing that finally made me feel something”, wrote one commentator.

“I miss the club” another added.

“This makes me want to cry” another wrote.

“I needed it” yet another added.

Some users have claimed that the feeling of TikTok iPhone hack it corresponded to the feeling of entering the bathroom in a noisy bar or club. Others said it reminded them of a college party or music festival.

Regardless of their interpretation, many TikTokers have used the opportunity to remember their pre-pandemic life. So if @ caitlinoo_’s “hack” isn’t quite a hack, at least he gave it to us.

Also, for what it’s worth, the TikToker posted a follow-up video suggesting a new song to use with the hack.

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