With the upcoming changes to iOS 14, switching from cascading offer to advertising offer is a breeze

“In 2021 we will say goodbye to the falls,” said Wai Quai Chong, Facebook’s strategic partner manager. At the Saying Goodbye to Waterfalls panel, Mary Kim, Head of Growth at Game Hive, and Alfred Fung, CEO of Fun-Gi Games, joined Chong to discuss why ad offers are important and why it matters. that developers turn away waterfalls. The panel was part of the GamesBeat and Facebook digital event which lasted all day, Driving the growth of the game.

“When we first heard about the idea of ​​bidding on mobile, we couldn’t wait to get started,” said Kim. “Now, today, we see that about 70% of all our ad revenue comes directly from offers.” The time saved in switching to the ad offer has allowed them to make other improvements to the game that they consider much more effective, such as game design and seeing if there are any glitches on the ad’s journey.

Advertising offering is transforming businesses in three main ways. The first is to allow for real-time competition where the highest price always wins. Cascading mediation requires a publisher and ad server to name the sources of demand one by one, based on their historical average price and not based on who is willing to pay the most for each impression in real time. For publishers, the result is missed opportunities to monetize and the money is left on the table, Chong explains.

Second, the offerings can help support optimized operational efficiency. Publishers may find it difficult to cope with adding and maintaining an increasing number of sources of demand in their cascade.

Finally, bids can reduce ad latency. This is because the offerings offer publishers the ability to integrate as many sources of demand as possible with minimal management. Publishers have recognized the many inefficiencies of the falls and are driving the move to a more efficient and effective approach through offerings.

Fung, founder and CEO of Fun-Gi Games, the game design and publishing studio behind House Flip, said its developers have been integrating ad-based monetization and ad offerings into their game from the start.

“The question was: how can we create an ecosystem where we don’t always have to manage the waterfall?” He said. “Using the term Mary, it ends up being a no-brainer, where we are able to focus much more production resources and efforts to improve the product. As a small company, the opportunity to bid in real time was a resource allocation decision. “

Although Facebook Audience Network’s vision has long been to move to an offer-only network, they are currently accelerating this process to help prepare publishers for upcoming changes to iOS 14, Chong said. Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 affects the ability of publishers and developers to collect IDFAs, which affects how they will be able to monetize their apps through in-app advertising. As network performance becomes less relevant, cascading management on iOS 14 will become more complex.

Future versions of iOS are likely to create a two-tier system for developers. The first is represented by impressions of higher value and the second by a lower value and less predictable mediated impression.

“Cascade-powered systems are in a poor position to maximize the revenue for publishers in this new environment,” he explains. “As networks work to adapt and improve yield during this change, offerings can help ensure publishers get the best price for every impression, all while reducing the costly time spent managing the falls.”

“With this coming up, it’s an even more important time to think about advertising strategies and what iOS 14 means to you,” adds Kim. “My advice would be to give it a try. The worst that could happen is that it doesn’t work for you, but at least you’re not left behind as the industry moves further and further towards offers. “

“Don’t act out of fear, act from a position of power,” Fung said. “As the publisher and the people who are responsible for production, this is critical to how you run the business, making that decision. There are a lot of white papers and documentation out there. Be very optimistic about it, but do your homework anyway. “

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Via: venturebeat.com

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