With the new Galaxy S21 Ultra camera application, Samsung wants to play on the iPhone

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is close to being a DSLR in your pocket, at least on the application level with four separate cameras included in your camera bump. When it comes to software, unfortunately you always fail short of that power. Pro mode has always been disappointing but the photos taken by the phone are always great. As Samsung unveiled its new Expert Raw camera kit, now that seems to be about to change.

Samsung pro mode has given users a lot of controls, but it is limited to the main and wide sensors, which is frustrating when working with a phone that has all this amazing enhancement features. To fix this and test some new features, Samsung has created a new all-in-one tool: Raw Expert.

Once you open the Expert Raw application, you will see a view similar to the pro mode in the normal camera, with a few keystrokes. In addition to new features like histogram in the upper right corner, perhaps the biggest change is the additional support for both the phone’s telephoto lenses, something we’ve been asking for from its S20 Ultra and Zoom Space over the past year.

Before we really start digging into this release, there is one important piece of information to get out of the way: The current Raw book is only officially available through the Galaxy Store in South Korea. Google has not done a good job of translating the announcement for me, but it has done enough for us to get a glimpse of what is happening below the surface, and it is worth it to be excited.

First, Raw Expert will also use the phone’s HDR to add some mailing instructions to photos and will save both normal JPEG copies in addition to a multi-frame RAW file. This could lead to competition for Apple’s ProRaw, allowing us to take advantage of such software magic on the device while maintaining the ability to edit images efficiently.

Samsung also talks about combining information from multiple lenses for better low light performance. These details are in place mainly by definition, but it seems that the company is testing new software to improve performance on ultra-wide lenses and telephones.

All of these features are tested in Raw Expert, but the idea is for them to eventually come to the main camera application. In a way, this sounds like a good lock for your camera, but with a more intelligent name. Samsung said that Expert Raw should be exclusive for S21 Ultra running One UI 4, but some users have reported that it works on S21 +. And again, since Expert Raw is only available in South Korea, you will need to use the apk if you live elsewhere.