With Finch, Tom Hanks broke Apple TV + Record

According to sources Finch has just made and eclipsed his previous movie, Greyhound. Apple TV + is banking on Tom Hank’s new film bringing in some big numbers.

Tom Hanks has also made it to the Apple TV +, with Finch’s new sci-fi game bringing audiences for the streaming platform and kicking off Hanks’ previous Apple debut film, Greyhound, in the process. Although Apple did not disclose their viewing figures, sources have said that the apocalyptic film has become the most watched film on the altar in front of the horror of World War II delivered by the Hanks last year. According to insiders, Finch was released in more than 100 countries on Friday and at the end of the season brought the highest viewer numbers for a start in two years since the launch of the streaming service. in 2019.

Finch is the latest in a long line of hits for Apple, with favorites from the series’ Ted Lasso, Show Morning, Invasion and Jason Momoa Car View, all of which have brought more and more people to Apple TV + than ever. Obviously there is a lot of competition beyond the infinite number of streaming platforms out there, and with Amazon releasing big guns with their billionaire Lord of the Rings series, Netflix sits on the favorites of Strange and Disney + ownership Wonder and the Star. Wars franchises Wars among others, Apple is relying on big names like Tom Hanks to keep them in the game, and so far it seems to be working.

Finch is the second of three projects that Hanks has worked exclusively for Apple, followed by the sequel to World War II Masters of the Air, which was produced by Steven Spielberg, who is another big name involved with Apple. TV + since then. its launch.

In recent years, Hanks has seemed to make a lot of different characters to his voice, having already been nominated for a College Award for his role in Castaway, in which he spent most of his time. only with a volleyball by Wilson’s name for the company, and at Finch there are more than a few similarities. This time around Hanks made the title character, a man who had spent ten years in a bunker in the middle of nowhere following a solar apocalypse, alone but for his dog, Goodyear and an Android robot he built called Jeff. Seemingly the last man on Earth, Finch traveled across the United States to make sure Goodyear was taken care of when Finch left.

While the biggest surprise about the Apple TV + movie was that it managed not to get any kind of theater release with it which is the kind of Hanks game that people have collected before and probably would have done well. Like Hanks as his star, Finch also boasted Robert Zemeckis as one of the lead producers, and had Amblin Spielberg Partners as one of the production companies. However, this seems to be the new norm, with some of the biggest stars, directors and producers all eager to get their names behind projects for the biggest streaming platforms out there. This comes to us from the End Times.

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