With a pop-up keyboard, Apple mulls the MacBook

When you open the lid, suppose the keyboard of your MacBook pops up a bit and moves to you. That’s the suggestion described by an Apple patent just offered. Moving parts are also added as an expert in ergonomic benefits.

Picture a MacBook with a retractable keyboard

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple patent # 11,181,949 for removable keyboards.

“Keyboards are highlighted which are reversible,” Apple wrote in standalone language used in patent records. “Magnetic transmission or link elements are configured to reset key and stabilizer connections between different relative positions. Parts at the transfer stage can work on keyboards or stabilizers to move the keyboard and stabilizers to a removable position for storage and for saving space in an electronic device. ”

Advantages and disadvantages of MacBook pop-up keyboard

Apple’s patent registry mentions “saving space in electronics” but a retrieval key will not really use less space. The device also has to match between two halves of the clamshell MacBook. In addition, the device for keypad promotion will be greatly integrated.

But it can be an ergonomic advantage. MacBooks are incredibly easy to carry around, but pressing on one often with bad posture and hand positions. A pop button may help a little.

On the other hand, the retractable keypad is the transfer part. Something that can break. And it is not a feature that many potential buyers will reject. Especially given Apple’s previous problems with keyboard layouts.

That being said, a patent registration does not mean a MacBook with a pop-up printer will be out anytime soon. Or forever. Industrial engineers often patent designs never seen again.

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