Why you need to delete your Gmail from your iPhone

This week’s headlines hit Apple against Facebook once again, as the iPhone operator’s ban on user monitoring threatens mobile advertising revenue. While Facebook is clearly in the throes of Apple, Google is hammering as hard as Facebook by a new aircraft and a long wait for privacy. Gmail has already been blamed for troubleshooting privacy. However, a recent Apple update, including this month’s privacy statement against “creepy” mail monitoring, should suffice to turn millions of users into activating their Gmail applications, ensuring their data is not mined. security.

So far, Apple instead of Google on the secret has focused on the regular Android game of updating on mobile data permissions. But Apple is also hitting Google when it comes to its celebration on data from billion iPhone users. And as with other applications, Gmail Google is a private nightmare compared to Apple’s choice. Earlier this year, Google cleverly allowed Facebook to play the role of a minesweeper when Apple’s icons revealed a large amount of previously invisible data harvesting taking place. Google lets your iOS apps run stale, waiting for updates until the furor is resolved, before revealing that your apps are not working properly.

And so, one by one, we see Google’s flagship iOS apps — Gmail, Maps, Photos, Chrome, YouTube, Docs — fill in the blank alarm. And because of this at Google, it is suddenly important to remember that there is an account-based program that connects all these applications together and Spider’s web of trackers that follow users around. As DuckDuckGo warns, “Google trackers have placed over 75% of the top millions of websites – the next closest to Facebook at 25%. Google sells ads not only on their search engine, but also on other websites with over 2.2 million and more than one million applications. Every time you visit one of these sites or applications, Google stores that information and uses it to target ads to you. ” Google dwarfs Facebook when it comes to this-time tracking.

But that puts you in charge of Google Police and eagerly checks on what we collect, judging on what is appropriate and size. As I have said many times, when it comes to platforms and services, just follow the costs. Google generates revenue from ads that manage data. It is not complicated. You do not need to stop using Gmail yourself, though remember that Google can see everything you do on the server side. But you should use Apple’s own Mail application with Gmail rather than Gmail application. This prevents Google from collecting additional data through the app’s permissions settings. It also means you can use email without any concerns that anyone — including Google — keeps invisible trackers.

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