Why The Hardshell MacBook Case Is The Best Friend

With a compact computer like the MacBook, it is worth sacrificing some beauty for security. There is a frustration when buying a MacBook, a valuable notebook with horns and feeling signed. Are you covered with a hard box to keep it safe? Will a case be removed from the quality design you have been using so much? In hindsight, could anything possibly hurt the MacBook? I had to make the same decision in the summer after I finished high school, when I finally splurged on a higher priority: the 2017 MacBook Pro, which I hope will run me through my college years and beyond. Despite the MacBook’s robust reputation, the

Casing the MacBook struck me as a no-brainer at the time: I was hype to imagine my hard-earned, first-ever Apple computer getting flung onto the table, jostled between textbooks and doused with coffee. Even a glossy plastic case will provide protection from dings, dents and objects, with some reassurance of one, right? Of course it is better than nothing, I think. As I moved my MacBook to college, its inexpensive teal case from Amazon really protected it from dirt and grime for the most part. But within two years, some major problems still bubbled up. The screen became loose, and every time I opened the MacBook, the display would press back. When the Pink neon effects began to spread across my screen, I placed it in the Apple Store and learned that I had to replace the display. Whatever the damage to the display, it seems that the hardshell case did not do much to protect it.

Long after the fact, I saw some conference posts in opposition to the MacBooks casing at all. They say cases can put half the exposure, weaken the hinge, and become cooling devices. Apple did not respond to a request for comment from CNET. The prospect of going without trial did not frighten me at first. How can I press my precious MacBook into unprotected skies and crashes? But I give it a try. And to this day, both personal and MacBooks services are naked. Nothing tragic happened, despite my fears. My personal laptop feels lighter and brighter. At the same time, I’ve heard some scratches on the bottom. And with the stand-alone world of the past two years shifting from go-to-office mode, I think it’s time to give the MacBook hardshell issues another look. This is what I found.

This case is lightweight – good news for the MacBook hinge. But in this example, the light seems to be more of a thin layer of protection than a glossy pattern. It will avoid dirt, but I would not rely on it providing much more security than that. The case has slim technology on, and it looks like it will be connected, but compatibility is not good. The top anchors are irregularly cut, making the display half difficult to insert. In the lower half, there is definitely a gap between the laptop and the case. The rear airways appear to be partially blocked, which can lead to extreme heat.

Sadly, the color does not match the beautiful cyan shown in the picture on the list. It is more of a mint pastel. On the bright side, the case comes with two beautiful keyboards. Alas, though, the pigment is spotty. It also comes with screen protection, but what use is screen security on a laptop? The clean cloth inside is helpful, though. Fintie Security case looks and feels like a high-end version of the custom hard shell case: It is a cushioned polycarbonate with a faux leather upper on top. The small anchors secure the case securely to the MacBook without covering the speakers or squeezing on the display.

However, the strong material comes in handy: It obviously incorporates a good deal of extra weight to the display. My MacBook Pro weighs 3.2 pounds on its own and 4 pounds with an embedded shell. I dragged the display down the section, and the weight of the case caused the laptop to clamp. In the long run, that may not be good for the hinge. The hack was announced to leave open vents to allow for effective cooling – and at first, the MacBook seemed too fast to breathe. But after a few days of use, I noticed the MacBook was getting hotter and warmer all the time. When I removed the case during one of the computer matches, it calmed down immediately.

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